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Operational Staff Move to Westerkirk House – Questions and Answers

Who made the decision to move, and why?

In an effort to reduce costs, a special committee of the Board of Directors was established to investigate and evaluate alternative premises in which to house Wellspring’s operations. After looking at several options, it was decided that least disruption would occur by moving the staff to Westerkirk House, while the cost savings for the organization would be about $1 million.

What is the timeline for the move?

The process for releasing the current space on the 3rd floor at 4 Charles Street is now underway. Over the summer months, while Westerkirk house is at its quietest, renovation work will begin on the basement exercise room. Once the basement work is completed, minor renovations will be made to some first and second floor space to accommodate the staff work stations. We anticipate this work taking 3 months and expect to have the move completed before the year end.

How much will the move cost?

There will be some costs involved with the renovations and the move however Ellis Don has agreed to volunteer time, expertise as well as some furniture, to help offset some of the cost.  For more information, please contact Eva Thurlow at 416-961-1928 x 230 (eva@wellspring.ca)

Will programming space be compromised?

No, the move will have a positive impact on programming space. The Exercise room will be moved to a new, larger studio in the basement, and the Reiki Room will be moved to a new location on the second floor.

Where will the staff be located?

Most of the staff will be located on the second floor. New workstations will be set up in the current exercise room and office space to accommodate the majority of the staff. Others will work out of the current Reiki room and in unused space on the first floor near the existing office

Will this move have an impact on the Wellspring Downtown Toronto centre?

No, the Wellspring Downtown Toronto centre will remain on the 4th Floor at 4 Charles Street and will not be impacted by the move of the administrative staff.

Will this move have an impact on volunteer responsibilities at Westerkirk House?

Other than the fact that there will be more people coming and going throughout the centre on a daily basis, and a new telephone and IT system being installed to handle the increased volume of calls, the volunteer responsibilities at the centre will not change. It is our expectation that the internet and phone-related work will be easier for volunteers with the new, quicker system.