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April 8, 2019
  • April 8, 2019
  • Living with Cancer Blog

By Todd M.

My name is Todd and, like many of you, I have heard the words no one wants to ever hear… You have Cancer.

Part of my healing journey was to learn how to turn off my brain and not worry about the battle I was fighting. I took advantage of some of Wellspring’s offerings, and I participated in a ‘learn to’ meditate class for cancer patients. The main message was, listen and focus on your breathing and push away any thoughts that enter your head. That was a big revelation for me, and while most of the time I would end up falling asleep, it was still very relaxing. Everyone there was on a different journey and got a different experience from that class. That was in 2007.

I am now thrilled to say I am Cancer free! However, I continue to notice how hard it can be to turn off your brain and give your body time to rest and heal. This is why I decided to start a YouTube channel called Whisper Planet, and make accessible some of my own videos featuring 8 hours of soft calming nature sounds.

I have been fortunate to enjoy a 30-year career shooting video for broadcasting stations in Canada. It has been great shooting news, sports, commercials and entertainment for my work, but when I travel, I like to get out into nature and enjoy beautiful peaceful settings. With Whisper Planet, I have combined my work skills with my love of nature, and I’d like to share with others, and hopefully help them rest and heal.

Please click and enjoy and share with anyone else you think might benefit. I plan to keep adding new video over time. Enjoy ….

Below is an example of choices you will have when you visit Whisper Planet.


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  1. Perfect timing. I too am on the better side but life and I sometimes forget the tools we have been gifted with just for having cancer. I am sure I will enjoy. Thank you

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