Trina McCloy and the Healing Garden

March 15, 2022
  • March 15, 2022
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Of all the wonderful Expressive Arts programs at Wellspring, Trina McCloy has a special memory of Felt Images

“The wool felting group really transforms people who get involved. As a long-time Wellspring volunteer, I’ve seen how much love they put into everything they make, and I see how much healing they get from the process. But I never really understood the therapeutic effect their work could have on others, until something wonderful happened to me at the Cross Cancer Institute.”

Trina has Stage 4 Metastatic disease, which means that the result of every diagnostic test carries the possibility of a total upheaval in her life.

“I always get pretty anxious before these appointments,” she confessed.  “When I’m going to be scanned, I like to arrive early enough that I can work off my nervous energy. I usually take a power walk around the building, no matter the weather. At my last appointment, I did a circuit outside and decided to come back in via the Healing Garden (created outside as a respite for CCI volunteers and visitors).  As I walked through the space, I caught something colourful out of the corner of my eye, and I turned.  It was an amazing piece of art.  Inside a large frame were 25 distinctly different hearts…all made of felted wool.  As I got closer, I recognized it as the work of our Wellspring felters.  Suddenly, my anxiety melted away and my heart filled with joy. I realized in that moment that Wellspring provides comfort and support, not just for the members who create artwork in our programs, but for everyone in the community that their work touches as well… and that today, the recipient of those labours of love was me!”


If you’re interested in joining a wool felting class, check the Wellspring website to find the classes that are currently available. And if you find yourself looking for inspiration at the Cross, drop by the Healing Garden!

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