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Anne’s Legacy for Wellspring

markt_videoMary Cecelia Antoinette Marrian, affectionately known by her family and friends as Anne, became a Wellspring member in 2009 shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Anne came to Wellspring seeking emotional support and to learn skills to help her cope with her illness. Very quickly Wellspring began to feel like a second home to Anne, with the Wellspring staff, volunteers and other members, like extended family. Having no family of her own nearby to help, Anne relied on the transportation services provided by Wellspring to help her attend programs at the Birmingham Gilgan House. She participated the Healing Journey, Relaxation and Visualization, meditation, yoga, Cancer Exercise and Tai Chi and found them all to be beneficial in helping her overcome the challenges of living with cancer.

According to Anne’s closest friends and executors of her estate, Carmen and Patricia, “Anne always said it was Wellspring and its great people that kept her going during the darkest days. She was deeply grateful for all that Wellspring had done for her. She quickly became stronger in body, mind and spirit, and learned how to live a full life despite having cancer. It even helped her return to her work as a program director at Canadian Race Relations Foundation.”

Described as kind and generous, and always ready to help and give back, Anne also became an annual donor to Wellspring.

Tragically, Anne suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2011 and passed away shortly thereafter. But her generous nature lived on, as Anne had named Wellspring as a beneficiary in her will.

Long after her passing, Anne’s legacy continues to ensure that the programs and services that were so beneficial to her during her time of need, will also be available to other cancer patients and their caregivers. “Anne enjoyed and benefited so much from the wonderful programs at Wellspring,” said Carmen and Patricia. “It was such a huge part of her life, and it came as absolutely no surprise that she wanted to support the organization by leaving a bequest in her will.”

If you plan to include Wellspring in your will, our legal name is: Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation and our Charitable Registration Number: 89272 8940 RR0001

Click here to see some sample wording to include Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation in your will.

For more information on Wellspring’s Planned Giving Program, please contact Rebecca Babcock at 416.961.1928 or rebecca@wellspring.ca.