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Inside Story: Sally Frackowiak

Sally Frackowiak has been volunteering at Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House for over 15 years. She started as a Peer Support Volunteer after her father’s passing…

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Inside Story: Hannah

How did you get involved with Wellspring? My mom is a volunteer at Wellspring and my dad was a member. My mom is on the…

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Inside Story: Evan and Claire

A diagnosis of cancer in a family impacts every single member of the household in different ways. With that in mind, Wellspring recently developed the…

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Inside Story: Annie Kohut

“I believe in the power of people helping people and making a difference in another’s life,” says Annie Kohut. After moving to Oakville, Annie was…

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Donor Spotlight: Diana Saulez

Diana Saulez has been involved with Wellspring for many years, helping with fundraising efforts to open the Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House in Oakville. Once the…

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Inside Story: Nicole Mendonca

Nicole Mendonca, Wellspring Member and Kate Smith, Cancer Exercise Program Manager, GTA Centres were recently interviewed by Pauline Chan, CTV News about Wellspring’s Cancer Exercise…

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