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Ethel and Vanessa

Ethel and VanessaDespite having a family history of cancer, it still came as a shock when Ethel and her daughter Vanessa were both diagnosed with breast cancer. “It is so difficult having your daughter go through what you went through and knowing what she was in for,” says Ethel. “But my experience prepared me for being her caregiver.”
During her treatment Vanessa, aged 38, moved back home to stay with her mom. “It was like I was reverting back to being a child,” says Vanessa. “My mother has been there for me every step of the way. She accompanied me to every appointment and made all of my meals from scratch to try and help me with the extreme nausea I was having.”
It was a social worker who ultimately told Vanessa about Wellspring and encouraged her to visit one of the centres. With her mother by her side, Vanessa made her first visit to Wellspring and eventually enrolled in art therapy, the Healing Journey and drumming programs. Soon new friendships bloomed with fellow members and Wellspring became the safe, calm and welcoming place that has been helping Vanessa through this difficult time in her life. “I just don’t know where I would be now without Wellspring,” says Vanessa.
Although Ethel didn’t attend Wellspring while going through her own cancer experience, the positive transformation she saw in Vanessa’s attitude, nutritional habits and in her knowledge of self-care after attending Wellspring made Ethel decide to become a Wellspring member herself. She took the Healing Journey Level 1, and immediately noticed that her way of thinking too became more and more positive. “It’s true. Wellspring is a place where you get to meet new people, learn something new every day and have the ability to educate yourself and become less fearful,” says Ethel. “At Wellspring you know you are not alone.”
The mother-daughter bond between Ethel and Vanessa remains strong while they both continue to go through their own individual cancer journeys together. Ethel and Vanessa look forward to continuing to take programs at Wellspring.

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