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Inside Story: Paeds and Parents Committee

As part of Wellspring’s family programming, Birmingham Gilgan House offers Paeds and Parents programs for children living with cancer and their families. In addition to a monthly support group, Wellspring hosts several Paeds and Parents special events each year to create a welcoming and meaningful outing for the whole family and helping children living with cancer and their families’ network with other families in similar situations. With the help of Centre staff, a dedicated group of hardworking volunteers make up the Paeds and Parents committee. The group meets on a monthly basis and gives countless hours in planning and executing successful events. The committee comes up with new themes, crafts, games and activities that provide therapeutic and fun opportunities for the children and their families. Many have served on the committee for years and also volunteer in other capacities at the centre. Currently, the committee is in the process of getting ready for the elf-themed holiday party on Saturday December 9 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Passionate about providing this networking opportunity for families living with cancer, our committee volunteers share the following sentiments:

“So grateful to be allowed to engage with and support the children and their families.”

“I LOVE being part of Wellspring’s Paeds Committee along with such a dedicated, compassionate, generous, kind and creative Team! There is no greater feeling in the world than making our courageous children and their families smile, laugh, and engage in activities with other families and feel good about themselves! The families are so appreciative of the time, effort and energy we put into our events and support groups to help them during this very difficult time in their lives!”

“I have always been Impressed with the activities that the Paeds and Parents committee presented. Since joining I have seen why they are so successful. They are a group that are passionate about making the events memorable for the kids and everyone works very hard to make this happen. I am very grateful to part of such a giving and thoughtful committee.”


“Last year, I arrived at Wellspring after hearing about the wonderful community housed in these four walls. And now each time I work a shift or participate in an event, my heart is filled with such warmth and gratitude, it reinforces the vital support offered here. I hope to continue to contribute in whatever way I can to this positive, respectful and healing space.“

“ I am a better person because of the children. I am lifted by their enthusiasm, strengthened by their support and constantly renewed by their gentleness and smiles.”


Participating in Wellspring’s Paeds programs has given me a special gift – this gift being able to share in the lives of our oncology children and their families. Our committee’s excitement, compassion and our respect for each other while planning our year round events and activities creates everlasting connections with each other. The laughter of children is the music of our world. Just being able to let the sun shine on our families and being able to make a difference by easing the challenging times facing them to us is priceless. Some people enlighten our vision and moves our souls to dance. “

“I first discovered Wellspring after my 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. Our family greatly enjoyed the events and parties to connect with other families with children with cancer and to just have fun! I joined the committee to give back to an organization that has benefited my family greatly over the years.”




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