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Inside Story: Sally Frackowiak

Sally Frackowiak has been volunteering at Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House for over 15 years. She started as a Peer Support Volunteer after her father’s passing but now in addition to Peer Support she also volunteers at the front desk. You will find Sally at the centre every other Wednesday afternoon and alternate Monday afternoons, however, she always goes above and beyond by picking up additional volunteer shifts.

“When you are feeling stressed it always helps to talk about it with someone,” says Sally. “As a Peer Support Volunteer it isn’t about me, it is about encouraging our members to open up and lift the burden of worries and stresses. You can see the positive impact on the person after they sit down and have a chat with a Peer Support Volunteer It is a wonderful feeling to be able to see a weight being lifted off their shoulders.”

As a front desk volunteer, Sally  greets people when they walk in the door and helps members register for programs. Sally believes in the importance of volunteering. “People don’t realize what they are missing when they don’t volunteer and how much it gives back to you. I love social interaction, staying busy and being organized. Volunteering gives me all of that. It grounds me. I feel like it gives me more than what I put in.”

“I love being part of a community and having that connection with people. I have learned so much from volunteering including how to help people, which is great. Volunteering enriches my life and makes me a better person.”

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