Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House

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What You Can Expect

Help Awaits – Just Walk in the Door

When you first arrive at a beautiful Wellspring centre, a Peer Support Volunteer will meet privately with you, to talk, and to  help you select programs that are best suited to your individual needs, interests and time.

Types of Programs Available

Some programs will help when you’re not feeling well, or you have limited available time because of treatment. Others will help with your recovery by helping you regain physical strength and wellness. If you are further along in your cancer journey, there are programs to help you manage your own health on a long-term basis.

Drop in programs, like meditation, yoga and peer support  don’t usually require an ongoing commitment, while the registered programs, like NourishCancer Exercise, art therapy, or Reiki, ask that you commit to extended sessions.

In addition, some programs are only for cancer patients, while others welcome caregivers and family members to participate.

All Wellspring programs are led by professionals such as psychologists, physiotherapists, art therapists, and registered dietitians.

Over time, a Wellspring volunteer will contact you now and again, just to discuss any new needs your might have and to provide you with new program recommendations that might help.

Closely Monitored Results for Greatest Impact

In a recent survey of the Wellspring members who had participated in programming 95 per cent of respondents felt that they had gained the skills and the knowledge needed to address their needs and left them better prepared to manage going forward, and that they felt supported and cared about.

Being a part of the compassionate and caring Wellspring community means having the opportunity to talk with others who have been through similar experiences with cancer, to access experts and to share knowledge, all in a welcoming, warm, safe and encouraging environment.