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Come and visit Expressive Reflections, an open art exhibit at Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House

PicMonkey Collage_updatedWhen: March 20 – 24, 2017
Where: The Margaret Philp Library at Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House

Art brings to paper the landscape of our life’s serenities and struggles, joys, tears, and dreams.”   Linda Hill-Wall            

Birmingham Gilgan House welcomes the Wellspring community to visit Expressive Reflections, an art exhibit featuring artwork created by members from the Art Therapy program and the Oasis Art Expression Studio. Hosted in the Margaret Philp Library at Birmingham Gilgan House during the week of March 20 – 24, each piece tells its own story.

The idea flourished from a few Wellspring Oasis members like Heidi, who has participated in the Oasis Art Expression studio for over a year. The group wanted to give back to Wellspring and showcase some of some of their artwork created in the program.

“I had never picked up a brush before I attended the Art Therapy program,” says Heidi. “Now, a day doesn’t go by without me painting, whether it be at Wellspring or in a dedicated corner I set up in my home. Each color connects me with how I feel inside; every stroke is a footprint of my journey which is a tough and winding one. I get lost in the sunset, sunrise and the beautiful landscapes. I run freely with flowers on my side, sunshine on my shoulders. With imagination and inspiration, I get through my darkest moments with ease and peace.”

Helping organize the art exhibit is Elva Palo, registered Art Therapist and long-time program leader at Birmingham Gilgan House. Elva has seen the impact these expressive programs have had on members. She values the need for members to express themselves and appreciates the desire for them to share their artwork.

Imagery is very personal,” says Elva. “Just like people who experience a similar emotion in different ways, people visualize that emotion differently too. Expressive art can be a visual language, a practice for relaxation or a form of meditation. Writing and journaling can be helpful ways to further enrich the self-exploration- the reflection- of our inner wisdom.

When visiting the exhibit, you will be given the opportunity to enter your name into a draw for the artwork(s). The draws will take place at the end of the day on Friday, March 24 and if selected we welcome you to make a donation in return for the artwork.

We look forward to your visit. The artists are excited to share their artwork with you.

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