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Well on the Web is an extension of the programs available in the Wellspring Centres across the country, enabling those who live far from a physical centres, or those not well enough to leave their homes, with access to Wellspring’s special brand of care and support.


We’re so glad you’re here. You’ve come to the right place. Wellspring offers a range of programs and services, each designed and proven to help you, and your loved ones, overcome the many challenges associated with a diagnosis of cancer.

Below you can review the programs available. On your first visit to a Wellspring centre a Peer Support Volunteer will meet with you and privately talk with you to help select, and access, all the programs that are best suited to your particular needs, your interests and your time.

The Right Program at the Right Time

The following legend will help you assess the time and energy you will need for each program:

Drop in programDrop-in program; no ongoing commitment; especially helpful for those who are not feeling well, in treatment or coping with symptoms that make commitment difficult.

Registration or appointment requiredRegistration or appointment required; commitment to attend all sessions is required.

Registration and home practice required Registered programs with home practice; commitment to attend all sessions and commitment to home practice is required.

Keep in mind that some programs have been designed for patients, some for caregivers, and some for both.

Emotional Support

Wellspring provides programs that teach strategies and tools to help you manage your emotional well-being. You might think about participating in an emotional support program if you are feeling isolated if you wish to have a safe place to acknowledge and share difficult emotions, if you have a challenge that requires a fast or personal response, or if you wish to meet with others and learn how they are managing the emotional challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Learn more about our Emotional Support Programs by visiting our search page and selecting Additional Filters.

Practical Programs

Living with cancer brings many practical, real-life, day-to-day challenges, concerns and issues. Wellspring’s practical programs help you manage a range of challenges such as financial shortfalls caused by unforeseen medical expenses, understanding your workplace benefits programs, or facing the uncertainties of returning to the workforce or school after cancer.

Learn more about our Practical Programs by visiting our search page and selecting Additional Filters.

Physical/Functional Programs

Exercise during and following cancer treatment is highly recommended as it helps your body function, increases muscle strength and range of motion and it improves your overall quality of life. Wellspring provides a range of movement-based programs that help patients recover from the many physical impacts of cancer such as fatigue and mobility limitations while improving overall wellness and reducing the risk of a cancer recurrence.

Members with metastatic illness may also find that these programs support their well-being.

Learn more about our Physical/Functional Programs by visiting our search page and selecting Additional Filters.

Skills and Strategies Workshops

The Skills and Strategies Workshops are interactive, skill-building sessions in which you will learn new tools, techniques, strategies and coping mechanisms to help you achieve significant and positive changes in your life. Each multi-week workshop is based on the development of a variety of new skills through participation in practices and tasks.

Learn more about our Skills and Strategies Workshops by visiting our search page and selecting Additional Filters.

Advanced and Metastatic Cancer Programs

Patients with advanced cancer often experience a significant sense of isolation from the broader community. The Oasis Advanced Cancer Program provides an opportunity for those living with advanced cancer to come together for networking and a sense of community while focusing on life-enhancing activities.

Note: If you are interested in any of the Oasis programs, please speak with the Centre Manager. Arrangements will be made to have the program leader speak with you prior to your first session.

Learn more about our Oasis Advanced Cancer Programs by visiting our search page and selecting Additional Filters.

Bereavement Programs

If you have recently lost a loved one to cancer, the Bereavement Programs will provide you and your family members with emotional, spiritual and psychosocial support.

Learn more about our Bereavement Programs by visiting our search page and selecting Additional Filters.

Programs for Parents and Children

Wellspring provides a variety of programs to help families living with cancer. Programs are available to help parents with cancer, as well as families that have a child with the illness. These family-focused programs provide support, information and coping skills to help all members of the family.

You might think about a program for parents and children if you have questions about how best to support your children, wish to learn about age-appropriate communication and coping strategies, or want to connect with other parents who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Learn more about our Programs for Parents and Children by visiting our search page and selecting Additional Filters.

Informational Programs

No matter the type of cancer, the form of treatment or the place you are along your cancer journey, having access to current and relevant information is always important. Wellspring’s informational programs such as Nourish and the Be Well® Talks series provide trusted information on a wide variety of topics, all provided by experts in their field. As well, each Wellspring centre contains a resource centre with books, computers and information for you to review in quiet comfort. All Wellspring informational programs are available for cancer patients and their caregivers.

Learn more about our Informational Programs by visiting our search page and selecting Additional Filters.

Over Time

As a program participant, you will be asked to consider making a donation to Wellspring to help us ensure the programs, services and centres are available for those who will follow in your footsteps. As an organization that relies solely on donor generosity, Wellspring very much welcomes any financial help you can provide.

Although we understand that cancer treatment or recovery can take some time, we hope that a day will come when you have regained your health and you no longer require the programs and services that Wellspring offers. At that point, Wellspring will happily provide you with recommendations and resources for wellness programs available in your local community.

When you are ready, you might also consider offering your unique wisdom and experience through one of Wellspring’s many volunteer roles, such as Peer Support, Front Desk, Community Outreach or Administration. Each role helps Wellspring help others, and full training is provided.