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Discovery by ‘Felt’ Image

Title: Discovery

by ‘Felt’ Image program



When we were diagnosed with cancer, we all felt alone, frightened, vulnerable, overwhelmed… and lonely!  Each one of us thought that we were the only ones going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. At first, many of us didn’t want to talk or share at all.  Many of us felt cancer had robbed us of our creativity and beauty. Then we began to hear each other’s stories, and our Felt Images group began to change us. 

We started coming to Wellspring, where the focus wasn’t on cancer and those around us understood how we felt.  Slowly we all began to experience success in creating something beautiful.  We began to feel “whole” again and there were glimmers of hope – even feeling of happiness and joy.

As a group we now share our lives and experiences.  In return, there is a wonderful infusion of energy that keeps us learning and living in a healthy way.  It has encouraged a greater sense of our collective wellbeing week after week.


The important benefit of sharing with others and the experience of this “Felt” illustration:

As we felted this piece for The Healing Garden installation at the Cross Cancer Institute, we re-discovered ourselves.  We all felt the social connection, which is so important for wellbeing.  Just as depicted in our Felted Image, we all found our group (our flock).  Over the past year and a half, we have helped one another, given and received support, and enriched our lives in so many ways.

The image we created reflects what we have all experienced first-hand.  When we came to Wellspring, many of us felt a little frightened and alone (lower left corner), but as we found and connected with our group in the “bright sunshine” we experienced at Wellspring (middle and right-hand side) we were supported by each other, as well as the Wellspring volunteers and staff.  It has been a wonderful experience to re-discover our creativity – it has been a feeling of freedom, and we are all grateful for the friendships we have made.

Through the creation of this Felt Image installation, we have all found a sense of peace, calm and social connection.  This is what our installation depicts and what we wish to share with others.  The beautiful wools reflect the individual beauty and strength we all have inside.  It is the fibres of our being that connect us all to the web of life.  And the fibres, just like the artists that created this exquisite image, are all strong, colourful, vibrant and so beautiful!

“These friendships have left and everlasting impression on my life and my memory.”




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