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Well on the Web is an extension of the programs available in the Wellspring Centres across the country, enabling those who live far from a physical centres, or those not well enough to leave their homes, with access to Wellspring’s special brand of care and support.

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National Volunteer Week 2019 (April 7-13)

Throughout the National Volunteer Week 2019 (April 7-13) we have recognized some of our amazing volunteers on our social media. If you are not on social media, no worries! You can see them below!


Reception volunteers are very important at Wellspring Edmonton. They are the first one who greet the visitors, and make sure they feel welcome. Lucy is one of our reception volunteers who offers her time on Mondays. It is hard to imagine starting the week without her lovely face! We are fortunate to have over 120 trained volunteers, and she takes care of volunteer shifts. Thank you Lucy, and all of our reception volunteers!


At Wellspring Edmonton, many of our program facilitators donate their time and share skills with Wellspring members, at no cost; VOLUNTEERS! Faye & Rita are no exceptions. They have been sharing their expertise, knowledge, skills and their kind hearts with Wellspring members since 2016. They also facilitate our Caregiver’s Connect and Back to Work programs. They truly understand the need for caregivers and provide the best group support experience. Thank you Rita and Faye!


One of the most important and valued programs we offer at Wellspring is “Peer Support” program. This program is run by our trained volunteers, who all have been touched by cancer, as a patient or a caregiver, and have a passion to share their kindness and provide support to others.

Trina and Ellen are two amazing peer support volunteers that also assist with program coordination and data collection by using their outstanding organizational skills. Thank you Trina and Ellen for everything you do!


Wellspring Edmonton is a 98% volunteer-driven organization, and we treasure every skill they offer us.

We are fortunate to have individuals who are passionate to share their talents, such as baking, decorating, hospitality, event planning, and more.


Today, we’d like to give special thanks to Mike, Brenda, and Kathy who consistently provide amazing admin support! From filing, database cleaning to edits, they work so hard behind the scenes to make Wellspring Edmonton better than ever. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and kind hearts❤️


Wellspring Edmonton celebrates our volunteers as we experience first hand the impact of their dedication, caring and kindness expressed through endless tasks and interactions with members who come through our doors each week. Their expertise, energy, enthusiasm and compassion – irreplaceable!

Marlene & Kip (a beautiful couple) are two volunteers who every week make a significant impact and impression on everyone. Marlene sees the many big and little things that need attention and quietly takes care of them.

For many months, sixty to eighty chairs were carried back and forth from one room to another for WellTalks. Kip and Marlene saw the need and took it upon themselves to ask the Boilermaker’s Union if they would donate folding chairs and a carriage to house them. This donation made setting up and preparing the space for Wellspring events much more manageable.


We can’t thank Lisa, Julie, Pat and Danae enough, who regularly take care of our evening shifts here at Wellspring Edmonton. It is natural to have demand for longer operational hours when our membership grows. And because of them, we can provide more of our programs and services for those who are affected by cancer. Thank you Lisa, Julie, Pat and Danae for taking care of our members and facility during the late hours!


We would like to recognize our amazing fundraising committee members; Leanne, Judy, Gertie, Sandra, Joan, Lil, Lori, Jan, Norma and Diane. Without their passion and support, we would have less programming. Thanks to these fun-filled ladies, our celebrations blossom with joy and laughter.

They are hosting our “2nd annual Grow with Wellspring” event on May 11, a family-friendly outdoor plant sale. You can check more details from HERE.

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