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Ephemera ‘lasting only one day, short-lived’

The word Ephemera derives from the Greek ephēmeros, meaning “lasting only one day, short-lived”.

Ephemera design is the practice of designing things that are only intended to last a brief time. The term has its roots in printed items such as invitations and greeting cards that have a limited on-time use. Even though they were originally produced to have a short life span, many are preserved in archives and are valuable for learning and remembering about the past. The can provide information about planned cultural and historical events.

Wei will be sharing his experience in ephemera designs, imparting his creativity and sense of humour to participants. who will probably not buy another card from Hallmark or 1,500 other card manufacturers after attending his workshop.


“This class created a new way of thinking for me… re-training my brain to look at life differently, and really observe how things relate to my life.”

“Definitely made me think out-of-the-box and realize how much more rewarding it can be to use your brain and let creativity flow, than to be a passive observer.”


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