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Well on the Web is an extension of the programs available in the Wellspring Centres across the country, enabling those who live far from a physical centres, or those not well enough to leave their homes, with access to Wellspring’s special brand of care and support.

WellTalk ~The Lewis Lab: Accelerating the Transfer of Research Discoveries From “Bench to Bedside”~

Speaker: Dr. John Lewis, Associate Professor, Department of Oncology

Dr. John Lewis and his team study prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men.  Their goal is to foster an environment where scientists, doctors and clinical researchers work together to address the key challenges in cancer treatment and care.  As a team, their goal is to accelerate the transfer of research discoveries from “bench to beside” making an impact on those living with cancer.

The Lewis Lab utilizes real-time intravital imaging of the tumor microenvironment to learn about the critical steps of cancer progression, including the growth of new blood vessels and the gain of tumor cell motility that leads to metastasis.

This extraordinary team is investigating novel approaches to prostate cancer treatment in the areas of early detection and drug delivery, hopeful that this work will provide valuable applications for future treatments of other cancers as well!

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  • Mon Mar 9, 2020: 7:00pm - 8:30pm



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Patients, Caregivers, Bereaved, Volunteers, Family



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