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Online Programs

Well on the Web is an extension of the programs available in the Wellspring Centres across the country, enabling those who live far from a physical centres, or those not well enough to leave their homes, with access to Wellspring’s special brand of care and support.


Although our doors remain temporarily closed due to COVID-19, we are working harder than ever to provide supports and services to meet the emotional, social, practical and restorative needs of people living with or who are affected by cancer.

We are now offering many of our programs online or by telephone. Please call us at 780-758-4433 or check the Virtual Program section to see all the available on-line programs.

Meditation & Relaxation Program

Meditation & Relaxation programs teach techniques proven to reduce feelings of stress, calm emotions, and help you feel more in control of your experience, and how you think and feel. Programs currently offered by Wellspring Edmonton include:  Mindful Self-Compassion  – Mindful Self Compassion is a helpful tool in developing emotional resilience.  

Music Programs

leaf1 Drum for Joy – Drum Circles have become very popular in a variety of settings including health, wellbeing and promoting social connection.

leaf2 Ukulele Strumming Band and Chorus– The instrument is so easy to get comfortable with. Participants find themselves strumming along and singing a variety of tunes in their first session.

leaf3 Harp Circle – Wellspring Edmonton has 12 beautiful Harps waiting to be played. You will enjoy the beautiful sound of the harp strings as music is made in the group.

leaf2 Wellspring Singers – The power of music is universal. Connect with others in the healing power of song with the Wellspring Singers, a wonderful group that has been together for over 10 years.

Young Adults Programs

Young Adults Cancer Support Group – This program is for Young Adults who have or have had cancer and would like to meet socially for conversation and activities 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Energy Service Program

 Reiki –  Certified Reiki practitioners provide one-on-one sample sessions that promote well-being and relaxation.

Restorative & Exercise Programs

Wellspring Edmonton exercise programs have a focus on rehabilitation, with the goal of helping patients restore their health and recover from the various physical, cognitive (thinking) or lifestyle impacts of cancer.

Programs that we currently offer include:

Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) – Wellspring Edmonton is fortunate to be one of the community centres for the Alberta Cancer Exercise program. The ACE program offers a 12-week transition program followed by a 12-week maintenance program.

Urban PolingUrban Poling is the Canadian name for this style of walking which combines an upper body technique similar to cross-country skiing with the lower body technique of regular walking.

Gentle Yoga -Along with the physical poses, the classes include mindful breathing and meditation which can improve clarity, focus, and relaxation. A guided relaxation exercise typically completes the class.

 Men’s Yoga Gentle Yoga for mens only.

 Restorative Yoga -Calm your mind and connect mind, body, and breath in this practice of active relaxation.  Restorative Yoga is a nurturing practice that puts you in a state of balance and connecting you to your inner resources and wisdom.  In this class, you will learn to rest deeply by supporting your body with props in positions of ease and comfort.

 Yoga for Stress Reduction – Learn to relax body and mind in this gentle class which incorporates many yoga tools such as breathing techniques, gentle movement, supported relaxation and guided meditation.

 Qi Gong -The art of Qi Gong entails learning to use meditation, relaxation, intention, simple movement and breathing exercises with the goal of achieving balance in physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

Individual Support Programs

Individual support programs provide opportunities for members and caregivers to meet one-on-one with a program leader or specially trained support volunteer for timely access to help with personal issues.

Programs currently offered by Wellspring Edmonton include:

 Peer Support Specially-trained support volunteers help members select programs that are appropriate to their current needs or interests.


Group Support Programs

Facilitated group support programs provide members with a network of peers to talk about their circumstances and concerns in a shared way, and in a caring, safe setting.

Programs that we currently offer right now include:

Caregiver’s Connect – Looking after someone experiencing cancer is an important role. However, it can be lonely and exhausting. We invite you to participate in a Caregivers Chat Group every Monday from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.

Men With Cancer – A group of people is getting together to play board games or card games. Please join us every Thursday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. to play cribbage, cards, checkers, chess, etc.

leaf3 Book Discussion Group -As with any journey through unfamiliar territory, discussing a book in the company of like-minded individuals can often be a more illuminating experience because we feel safe and comfortable enough to examine the ‘landscape’ more closely.

Expressive Arts Programs

Expressive Arts programs offer creative ways of exploring the cancer experience. They provide opportunities to meet with peers for mutual support and conversation, while also gaining personal insight and perspective on the impact of cancer. No previous experience or artistic or musical abilities is required to participate.

Programs that we currently offer include:

Figurative Sculpting Through the process of working with clay, participants quickly see how it can become a vehicle to more fully understand and cope with a change in body image because of cancer surgery or treatment.

Stone Carving – Carving is a slow process – a slowing down a process, and as a result, it is a way to learn to be more ‘in the moment’.

 Writing for the Health of it –Join Pat Richardson, Edmonton writer and expert in children’s literature, as she guides participants through a writing experience exploring new pathways in life after a cancer diagnosis.

 Create a Book a Month -Participants will design and learn how to bind their own journal using simple techniques.

 “Felt” Images -This is a 4-week program which you get to create an image with beautiful colored natural fibers.

 Open Studio -Research has shown that one of the greatest threats to optimum wellness is isolation.  The potent healing power of connection can often nurture creativity if you are in a safe, supportive space.  Our new Open Studio gives you an opportunity to do your creative work in an uplifting, nurturing environment.   Bring any personal project from knitting and stone painting to needle-felting and jewellry-making and settle into a relaxed and warm escape for a couple of hours on a Monday morning.  When hands are busy, hearts can speak.

Collage and Story -This program focuses on the healing power of poetry and story as a guide to provide the opportunity of creating collages as well as exploring various themes.

My Journey Bowl -Local Ceramic Artists from the Edmonton Potter’s Guild lead this workshop to hand build a special bowl that symbolizes your cancer journey.

 Finding Joy Though Colours and Images –  Sometimes words simply don’t adequately express our experience. Join Edmonton artist, Judy Hamilton as she guides participants through the process of creating beautiful images.


Nutrition Programs

Nutrition is important at any stage of the cancer journey. Wellspring Edmonton’s Nutrition programs provide many different sessions on cancer and nutrition using the latest research to teach the fundamentals of good nutritional practices for cancer patients. Many of these sessions include cooking demonstrations, food sampling and take home recipes.

Nourish Core – Program presented by oncology dietitian.

Nourish Cooking – Program presented by a dietitian.


Well Talk Program

The Well Talks: Professional Speaker Series provides access to local experts on a wide range of topics related to the experience of cancer. This is a year-round series of special presentations and/or workshops that includes a presentation followed by an opportunity for attendees to ask questions of the guest expert.


Community Support Programs Offered At Wellspring Edmonton

These are programs that are hosted on site by various community cancer support groups. Registration for these is through the link or contact provided.

Look Good Feel Better Program –  offers cosmetic workshops, seminars on skin care, wigs and hairstyles for women

Bladder Cancer Canada Support Group  – 4th Tuesday each month | 7 pm to 8:30 pm | Contact: Bette Thom @ 780-242-6017

Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada Support Group – 2nd Wednesday each month | 7 pm to 9 pm | Contact: Cheryl Bauer @ 1-800-265-5106 ext.400

Edmonton Colorectal Cancer Support Group – 3rd Tuesday of every 2nd month | 6 pm to 8 pm | Contact: Dr. Dan Schiller @ 780-901-8588

Head & Neck Support Group – 3rd Thursday each month | 2 pm to 3:30 pm | Contact: Kim Flowers: hncssociety@gmail.com

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada – 4th Wednesday of every 2nd month | 6 pm to 8 pm | Contact: Caroline @ 403.263.5300 or caroline.mitchell@lls.org

Neuroendocrine Cancer Support Group – 3rd Thursday of every 2nd month | 7 pm to 9 pm | Contact: Jayson Lobb @ 780-779-6511

Ovarian Cancer Canada Support Group – Last Wednesday each month | 6 pm to 8 pm | Contact: Elisha Andrews @ 780-233-8253

Prostate Cancer Canada Network-Women’s Support Group – 3rd Thursday each month | 7 pm to 9 pm | Contact: Sue @ 780-902-9832(C) or info@edmontonprostatepeers.ca

Workplace Program

Most cancer patients who are working at the time of diagnosis take a leave of absence for some of their cancer journey. Wellspring Edmonton has programs to help patients achieve a successful and sustained work experience after cancer.

Programs that we currently offer include:

leaf3 Return to Work – Resumes and Interviews – Professional career advisers assist individuals in managing their careers through various challenges during after cancer treatment.


Special Services Program

 Child minding –  To support program participation, supervised child minding is provided with 5 days’ notice.  This support program is dependent on the availability of a child minding volunteer at the time.


Over Time

We are delighted that you have chosen Wellspring to help you through your cancer journey.

Although we understand that cancer treatment or recovery can take some time, we hope that a day will come when you have regained your health and no longer require the programs and services that Wellspring offers. At that point, Wellspring has recommendations for long-term health and wellness programs available in your community. These programs can help you stay well and retain the recovery you achieved.

Or, when you are ready, you might also consider offering your wisdom and experience through one of Wellspring’s many volunteer roles, such as Peer Support Volunteer, Front Desk Volunteer, Community Outreach or Fundraising Volunteer. Each role helps Wellspring help others, and full training is provided.

Peer Support Volunteers are available to help you select the programs that will best meet your needs. In selecting programs, we suggest that you think about your particular needs, interests, time and energy.