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My name is Elsha. I’m a mother, a wife, an artist and volunteer. I am a retired manager of a Wellspring centre, and I have been a caregiver to a loved one with cancer.   

Please read my story, and learn about why I give.

A few weeks ago I sent you a letter in the mail, telling a bit about the personally rewarding relationship I have had with Wellspring over the years. I wanted to share with you just how important this organization has been to me, and why I have chosen to support Wellspring through monthly gifts.
I have been privileged to be a part of Wellspring for the past twenty years, as a member, a manager of the Downtown Toronto centre, and now as a volunteer. Over the years, I’ve seen firsthand how its  programs and services available have made profound differences in the lives of thousands of individuals and families who are living with cancer. And, they are able to do this life-changing work, all, and only, because of the generosity of those, like you and me, who understand the need for such a resource within our communities.
Having managed a Wellspring centre, I was also witness to the rigour with which resources are monitored so that as much of the donated funds as possible are focused on providing help for those who rely on our services.  I chose to contribute monthly – joining the Roots of Renewal club – so that my donations can help Wellspring in more impactful ways. It also means that I can budget my giving more easily by spreading my gift over the year, and, it saves Wellspring money because they don’t have to keep reminding me of the importance of making another gift.
I hope you, too, will consider joining the Roots of Renewal club and seeing how your gift can make a really big difference to many individuals and families, all year long.  Thank you,

– Elsha

Yes, I too want to join the Roots of Renewal Club

Learn more about how your donation will help those living with cancer, today, and tomorrow. 

Donor support through the Roots of Renewal monthly giving club provides a steady and predictable source of revenue for Wellspring. Your monthly contributions throughout the year can provide the following for Wellspring members:

$5/month can provide books for Wellspring libraries on specific topics related to cancer, treatment and coping
$8/month can provide one month of website hosting (Wellspring.ca) which enables thousands of people to learn about Wellspring and register for programs
$10/month can send a volunteer for support training
$15/month can provide a new drum for the therapeutic Drumming program
$50/month can provide one month of Caregivers Connect (a support program for family members of a cancer patient)$85/month can provide two sessions of Super Healthy Foods, an important part of Wellspring’s Nourish program