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Rabia’s Story

rabia_mobileI am a student with cancer . . .

Wellspring gave Rabia back her creativity.

I was only 15 when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. My years in high school were disrupted by this in a big way.  Then a few years later, when I thought all was well, I had a recurrence. My friends were busy with hectic social lives and planning for college/university, and I was once again, pulled out of school for yet another cancer-break. Then, a couple years later, just when I thought my life was getting back in order, I was dealt yet another blow. I was diagnosed with breast cancer that was totally unrelated to the earlier thyroid cancer. I had surgery, and at the age of 25 had to get used to a whole “new body.”

An oncology nurse gave me a pamphlet that would ultimately change my life. The pamphlet was an overview of Wellspring and it was exactly what I needed, even though I didn’t know it then. At Wellspring I found support and the freedom to talk about my fears with others who were going through similar experiences. Their exercise program was exactly what I needed to patiently build my “new body” back up. But most importantly Wellspring gave me back my creativity. The Art Therapy program at Wellspring enabled me to express myself with ease, in a relaxed, non-judgemental environment. Sometimes it was an internal process, sometimes it was just a fun paint party. It is a great program, and a huge hit with other Wellspring members.

I am now preparing to return to school and it’s all because of Wellspring. The variety of programs offers something for every step of the cancer journey and it’s a comfort to know that Wellspring will continue to provide me with a community of support as I regain my health.