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Healthcare Professionals

Trusted Partners

Health professionals and community partners play an essential role in cancer support through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. At Wellspring, we aim to provide community-based emotional, physical and practical supports, at no charge, for people impacted by cancer. 

Together we can enhance the standard of care for people impacted by cancer.

Here are some ways we engage with our health professional network:

  • Our Be Well Talks and other speaker series feature highly respected Oncologists, Researchers and leaders in the cancer and health industry, and is open to all. These sessions also serve as professional development opportunities.
  • Health experts contribute to our Board and Program Committees.
  • Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation has a number of formal partnerships with national cancer and health organizations. Our Alberta affiliates also work closely with their corresponding provincial health serving organizations.
  • A trusted partner in the cancer care world, Wellspring is a member of key advisory boards and associations, including the Canadian Association of Psychosocial Oncology, the Cancer Stakeholder Alliance, Cancer Care Ontario, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, and the Canadian Cancer Survivorship Research Consortium.
  • Wellspring has made several educational presentations at national conferences at the invitation of national associations.
  • Physicians, Oncologists and Nurses frequently refer patients and caregivers to Wellspring as a community resource during and/or post-treatment.
  • Wellspring’s model has been recognized by Health Canada as an outstanding example of organizational excellence in community-based health care.