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Education and Training Opportunities

Training programs have been developed in tandem with programs for patients or their family members, where needed, to ensure that professionals have current knowledge and deep familiarity with cancer broadly, and program content specifically. Whenever possible, Wellspring offers training programs to professionals in Ontario and Alberta to broaden further the impact of Wellspring’s Centre of Innovation programming by sharing knowledge and best practices.

Professional training is embedded in new model testing, and specific training opportunities available are noted below.


Support Training for Volunteers

Volunteers play a valuable role in supporting patients and caregivers with their cancer experience.  For any role, and in any setting (community-based or medical), volunteers benefit from training on best supportive care and communications strategies to effectively manage the wide range of issues and emotions that commonly arise.

Wellspring has more than 25 years of experience in volunteer training, and has available both in-person and online versions of its Support Training Program.  Evaluation feedback from hundreds of volunteers trained over the years has solidly affirmed the impact and overall quality of its Support Training program.

Wellspring welcomes opportunities to be the training provider to organizations with volunteers who serve the supportive care needs of patients and caregivers.

For more information, please contact Judi Perry Brinkert, Chief Mission Officer at judi@wellspring.ca.


Money Matters Professional Training

Wellspring offers a one day training program for professionals wanting to learn more about the intricate details of income assistance programs such as Ontario Disability Support Program, Employment Insurance, Ontario Works and Canada Pension Plan. Participants learn how to help clients apply to the various programs, special benefits each program offers, the definition of disability for each program and how it is determined, and how to navigate a path to access multiple programs. Case examples and discussion happen throughout the day. The training has been taken by hundreds of professionals across Ontario with outstanding evaluative feedback. An introductory level workshop for university students has been led at academic institutions in Toronto to over 200 students.

These training programs are currently available in Ontario only. For more information about the training program, contact Ilene Shiller, Manager, Practical and Financial Programs or 416-961-1928.



CancerSmart Rehab: Cancer Exercise Professional Training Program

To ensure maximum safety and benefit of its Cancer Exercise program, Wellspring trains rehabilitation professionals prior to leadership of the program.  CancerSmart Rehab provides education about cancer and its treatment, and the specific dos and don’ts of exercise and rehab interventions for cancer patients.  Click here to find out more information about the CancerSmart Rehab Training or here for the Advanced CancerSmart Training.

For more information, please contact Lauren McLeod