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Program Leadership Applications

Wellspring has a large team of experienced, qualified professionals who lead its programs on a fee-for-service basis. The program leaders play a key role in the quality of the program delivery and in the benefits that members receive from participating in Wellspring programs.

Wellspring is always interested in welcoming experienced, qualified professionals to the acclaimed and dynamic team of professional program leaders.

All program leaders must have a minimum of three years direct, professional leadership experience as well as previous leadership experience with individuals who have a significant health issue. Those interested in applying for leadership at Wellspring must apply in writing, providing a current resume, with three professional references, and a letter indicating which programs you are interested in leading. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview when new leaders are being sought.

To apply for program leadership please direct your application to Judi Perry Brinkert, Executive Director, Wellspring Centres (GTA), at judi@wellspring.ca.