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How well do you know Wellspring?

  1. How many Wellspring centres are there in Canada?
    Answer: 8 centres across Canada (Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House (Oakville), Wellspring Chinguacousy (Brampton), Wellspring Downtown Toronto, Wellspring Westerkirk House at Sunnybrook, Wellspring London and Region, Wellspring Niagara, Wellspring Calgary and Wellspring Edmonton)
  2. What year did Wellspring’s first centre open?
    Answer: 1992
  3. What was the first Wellspring centre called?
    Answer: The Wellspring Coach House
  4. Who is Wellspring’s founder?
    Answer: Anne Armstrong Gibson
  5. What Wellspring program was recently launched online in 2017?
    Answer: Money Matters Online
    The Wellspring Money Matters program is now available online and in-person.
  6. Which social media channels does Wellspring have?
    Answer: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube
    Follow us! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube
  7. True or false: All program leaders are professionals in their field and are paid by Wellspring.
    Answer: True
  8. Name three Wellspring Nourish programs.
    Answer: Wellspring offers the following Nourish programs:
    Beans, Peas, Lentils and Grains
    Breast Cancer and Healthy Eating
    Colorectal Cancer – Healthy Eating During Treatment
    Colorectal Cancer – Healthy Eating After Treatment
    Healthy Eating During TreatmentHealthy Eating After Treatment
    Healthy Eating the Vegetarian Way
    Herbs and Spices
    Super Healthy Foods
    Nutrition Myths and Controversies
    Nutrition and the Caregiver
  9. What Wellspring signature event takes place every other year and raises over a million dollars for Wellspring?
    Answer: The Wellspring Henderson Hoedown
    The next Hoedown is taking place in April 2018!
  10. Where are the Wellspring Peloton Challenge cyclists riding to this year?
    Answer: Miami, Florida
    There is still time to sign up!
  11. In 2014 the City of Toronto named what after Wellspring?
    Answer: A Laneway
    Wellspring Lane is located east of Church Street on Maitland Street, behind the site of the original Wellspring location at 81 Wellesley Street.
  12. How many Wellspring volunteers were recognized this year for 25 years of volunteer service?
    Answer: Three
  13. What is the name of Wellspring’s current CEO?
    Answer: Christina Smith
  14. When you come to Wellspring for the first time what type of Wellspring volunteer helps you with your orientation?
    Answer: Peer Support Volunteer
  15. What is Wellspring’s centre in Brampton named?
    Answer: Wellspring Chinguacousy
  16. True or false: Wellspring receives funding from the government.
    Answer: False.
    Wellspring receives no government or hospital funding and relies solely on the donations from individuals, foundations and corporations.