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Inside Story: Catherine Bobesich

Catherine - headshot - white jacket - 2015When Catherine Bobesich was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, there wasn’t anything like Wellspring available for her. More than 15 years ago, Catherine was given a prognosis of having between 6 months to 1 year to live. Today, she definitely feels that she has been given a second chance, and after having eventually toured Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House in Oakville, Catherine knew she wanted to do all she could to give back.

During her cancer journey, Catherine had begun researching ways to live a greener lifestyle and understand which eco-friendly products were better to use than others. Now, as a passionate advocate for green living Catherine decided she would donate eco-friendly personal care and household products to the Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House for as long as she could.

For the past 15 years, Catherine has even kept up with the growth of the centre and the  demand for products by continually increasing her donations  over time. Last year, she donated approximately 91 items including hand soaps, creams and sanitizers, dish and dishwasher soap, window cleaner, bathroom cleaner and laundry soap. Since her initial donation 15 years ago, Catherine has generously contributed over $16,000 worth of products to Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House.

Catherine has been keeping the centre ‘greener’ and helping spread the word to others that could benefit from going to Wellspring. “When I meet someone who has cancer or knows of someone with cancer, I always refer them to Wellspring,” says Catherine. “Wellspring is really good resource and I know everyone who goes there will be in good hands.”

With Catherine’s generous support, Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House can continue to offer eco-friendly and organic personal care and household products to members and volunteers in the centre.