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Inside Story: Danielle Séguin

When Danielle was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2016, her primary concern was finding support on how to talk to her children about her diagnosis. After receiving a Wellspring brochure from her oncologist she decided to visit Birmingham Gilgan House which is conveniently located close to her home and workplace.

“As I got out of my car and walked towards the Centre, I had an immediate connection,” she says. I noticed the sun tunnels and skylights on the building were from the company that I worked for, VELUX. Seeing them filled Danielle with comfort and joy. “Natural light plays such an important role in wellness so when I saw our products in the centre I thought it was the perfect pairing,” she says. “At that moment, I knew this was the place I was meant to come to for help.”

After an orientation to the Centre, Danielle met with a Family Counselor in search of advice on how to talk to her children about her diagnosis.  “She was so knowledgeable,” says Danielle. “I told her how old my children were and she described how children their age usually react to news about a cancer diagnosis and how to address their concerns. When I did talk to my children, she was completely spot on.”

To continue to support her family, Danielle registered for the Children’s and Parents’ group. “At first my children were reluctant to go but after that first visit, they looked forward to it every week,” she says. “We have been able to connect with other families in similar situations and I have been able to better understand how my children are coping throughout my cancer journey.”

Danielle has also participated in Cancer Exercise, Nourish, Yoga and the Art Therapy program. During her chemotherapy, outside of treatment, Wellspring was her main opportunity to get out of the house. “Wellspring is such a fantastic place,” she says. “It provided me with a place of comfort where I could go and not feel like people were staring at me. Wellspring was the first place outside of my home where I felt comfortable taking off my headscarf while my hair was growing back.”

“Your cancer journey is going to change your life and it’s never going to be what it was before, but Wellspring provides a place that helps heal your mind to get you through the most challenging times.” says Danielle.

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