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Inside Story: Helping Support Wellspring with One Stitch at a Time

IMG_9047 Every week a group of very special women, all with a common passion to give back to Wellspring, meet to create beautiful quilts. Many of the women are past Wellspring members who are now in-centre volunteers at Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House.

This group first got together in 2006 when Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House began its Quilting Program. The first quilt they created was a replica of the original Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House and it now proudly hangs on display in the centre. Together they attend Wellspring events, selling their handcrafted creations and generously donating the proceeds to Wellspring.

Recently the group took on a new initiative in making the therapy dolls that are being used in the Children’s and Parents’ Program as part of Wellspring’s new Family Programming.

These therapy dolls are used as a teaching tools to better explain and demonstrate to the children, how specific treatments and medical procedures are done. Each child participating in the group gets to keep their doll and is encouraged to draw a face, add some hair or accessorize them however they would like.

To find out more information about Wellspring’s 8-week Children’s and Parent’s program for when a parent has cancer, visit your local Wellspring centre.

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