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Inside Story: Lauren Bryson

Lauren Bryson is always working on a wide variety of tasks and cheerfully lending a helping hand wherever it is needed at Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House. As the program coordinator, some of Lauren’s responsibilities include managing the transportation program to ensure that members in need of a ride are able to get to and from the centre; planning and coordinating the centre’s program schedule and supporting all members, volunteers and program leaders.

Lauren received her Bachelor of Applied Science in Child, Youth and Family Studies from the University of Guelph and then completed a postgraduate diploma in Child Life Studies, from McMaster University, one of the only programs of its kind in Canada. To receive her certification, Lauren completed several practical placements at Credit Valley Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children and Max & Beatrice Wolfe Children’s Centre, and wrote a certification exam.

As a Certified Child Life Specialist, Lauren was able to bring her extensive expertise, practical work experience and personal passion for helping children and families with medical challenges to Wellspring. Working alongside Laura Pasqualino (MSW), Lauren assisted in the development of the activities for the eight-week, Children’s and Parent’s Program for children who have a parent with cancer. The program helps support the whole family while allowing children to learn about cancer, express their feelings, practice coping strategies, and participate in fun and therapeutic play activities.

When Lauren isn’t at Wellspring, you can find her planning her upcoming wedding, preparing to be the best aunt to her first soon-to-be niece or nephew, and obsessing over her cat, Nash.