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Inside Story: Mark and Julie

Mark and Julie“After my wife Julie visited Wellspring she felt a sense of peace and calmness for the very first time since her breast cancer diagnosis.”

Julie received her breast cancer diagnosis last year just two weeks before Christmas. Her husband Mark recalls the time between her diagnosis and the beginning of her treatment as the longest and most difficult six weeks of their lives. When Julie was introduced to Wellspring it was like a breath of fresh air. “Wellspring is a place where Julie can go and be herself,” says Mark. “If Julie is having a bad day, she can go to Wellspring and not feel like she has to disguise her true emotions.”

Early on, Julie found it was a lot of work to go through her normal routine while putting on a smile. “The leaders don’t place any expectations on you but are open and in tune with what you are going through,” she says. “At Wellspring, people understand.”

Mark was truly amazed by the hope, honesty, reassurance and uplifting environment that all Wellspring volunteers offer to members. “It is so beneficial to have the opportunity to talk to someone who has experienced cancer,” says Mark. “You can ask them any question and get a response.”

For Mark and Julie, Wellspring benefitted their whole family. Together, Mark and Julie attended the Healing Journey level 1. It meant a lot to Mark that they could take the program as a couple, sharing the experience. “At Wellspring the caregiver is not forgotten,” he says. “It allows me to be involved and provides me with a place where I can also get answers.”

“Wellspring is a great resource that has a breadth of programs that are easy to access and fit everyone’s personal situation,” says Mark. He hopes to spread the word about the centres to offer hope to more people and families who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis. “Wellspring provides a supportive, safe environment that someone can go to without feeling intimidated,” he says.

Julie says that being at Wellspring was a life-changing experience. The leaders, volunteers and other members helped Julie learn more about herself and helped her learn new skills that allowed her to move forward. “The Cancer Exercise leaders have been instrumental in my healing process by not only aiding me and improving my physical health but also my outlook,” she says. “On the days I was feeling down and discouraged, I always left feeling supported, encouraged and empowered.”