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Inside Story – Tyler Livingston

When Tyler Livingston completed last year’s Peloton from Toronto to New Orleans he knew he wasn’t finished. “It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life,” he says. “I just wanted to do it again.”

“You are pushing yourself to the extreme every day. I didn’t think it was possible,” Tyler says in anticipation of this year’s Peloton challenge. “Just the feeling of accomplishment is so amazing, plus the bonds you make with the other riders. I can’t wait to do it all over again.”

For this year’s Peloton Miami adventure Tyler will be joined by Adam Reid. Best friends since high school, Adam joined Tyler on the send-off reception for the New Orleans adventure. That’s where he learned about Wellspring for the first time. “I got to learn about Wellspring through speeches from volunteers and staff,” he says. “I just thought it was a good cause. It’s something close to my heart: I have family members who’ve dealt with cancer.”

Tyler says he could see that watching and hearing about the Peloton had a profound effect on Adam. “I don’t think it took much convincing,” he says.

In addition to the ride itself, Adam and Tyler will each be raising $10,000 for Wellspring to help support those living with cancer. “It’s such a great cause,” says Tyler. “Hearing stories from volunteers and people who’ve used Wellspring, you hear passion talking.”

This year’s Peloton Challenge will take Adam, Tyler and a team of cyclists on a 7-day trip from Toronto to Miami. The team will ride six hours at a time, travelling up to 120 km per day. In all they will travel more than 3000 km.

Over the years, Adam and Tyler have grown comfortable spending time together, whether it’s on vacations or camping trips. “We’ve done a lot of stuff together, but nothing compared to this,” says Adam. “I’m excited to do it with him.” Tyler and Adam will also be joined by another friend, Rob Dyer, another Peloton veteran who first introduced the ride to Tyler.

Even though it’s his first time cycling this distance, Adam says he’s not concerned about the physical challenge of the ride. “I have family members who do intense cycling,” he says. “So they’re helping me make sure I have the right gear and giving me do’s and don’ts when riding with a pack.”

“I enjoy pushing myself,” says Adam. “It’s something to check off the bucket list and it will be a cool story to tell. Plus it’s something that has a huge impact.”


 To support Tyler and Adam’s Ride For Cancer Support, go to wellspring.ca/tylerl or wellspring.ca/adamr