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Jean Simon, passionately giving back to Wellspring

DSC03066c“Wellspring taught me how to deal with my cancer,” said Jean Simon. “Today I am a grateful and positive person because of it, and I’m passionate about being able to give back to the wonderful community that helped me. I contribute what I can financially with a monthly gift and I volunteer weekly at the front desk in the Downtown Toronto centre.”

It wasn’t always that way for Jean. Angry and fearful when first diagnosed, Jean was reminded of the anguish her family went through years earlier while caring for her youngest sister Vicky, who eventually succumbed to cancer. Without a formal support system in Vicky’s hometown, Jean and her other family members embraced Vicky in a tight circle of love and care, doing all they could, often from great physical distances.

Thankfully, the journey was different for Jean. A friend who knew of Wellspring told Jean to visit. Although it took time for her to feel ready to come to the centre, once she did, Jean immediately felt at home. “I had no idea that this would end up being the place I wanted, and needed to be,” said Jean. “I never felt that I needed to say much, because at Wellspring, all the people there just get it.”

Yoga and Cancer Exercise helped Jean increase her physical strength, but she felt that the Healing Journey and Art Therapy were the programs that made the biggest impact on Jean’s mental outlook, allowing her to move past the grief of losing her sister and on to a positive outlook and the ability to enjoy life. “Helping others is such a nice feeling. I enjoy helping the organization that has made such a difference in my life.”

Monthly giving is an easy and effective way for Wellspring to make a lasting impact on more members. To join Wellspring’s Roots of Renewal Monthly Giving Program, or for more information on the many benefits of monthly giving, please contact Rebecca Babcock at 416-961-1928 or rebecca@wellspring.ca.