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Judith’s legacy gift for Wellspring, in loving memory of her soulmate

1585_001It was love at first sight for Paula Clough and Judith Love. They met while teaching at a Toronto school and were inseparable for almost 25 years.

After retiring, Judith and Paula kept busy travelling, golfing, singing in a community choir and sharing time with their wide network of family and friends.

In 2008, Paula was diagnosed with breast cancer and soon thereafter, both Paula and Judith became members at Wellspring Downtown Toronto.

“What’s so special for me is that Wellspring is just as welcoming for spouses and caregivers as for the patients.” said Judith. “That, and the fact that so many wonderful support programs are provided, and all free of charge.”

After researching many cancer support organizations, Paula and Judith decided to support Wellspring by making annual donations. “Wellspring is careful with its resources and wisely ensures that funds raised are used where they are needed the most and will have the most impact,” said Judith.

Grateful that Wellspring had always been there for Paula and herself, and devastated by Paula’s death in 2010, Judith continued to rely on Wellspring for bereavement support. “I was not comfortable speaking one-on-one about Paula’s passing, and found that the group setting really helped me.”

The passing of Paula made Judith acutely aware of the need to get her own affairs in order. It was important for her to know that her family and loved ones would be looked after.  So, she named Wellspring as a beneficiary in her will.  “I wanted to make sure that the great work at Wellspring continues, and I feel at peace now, knowing that this has been taken care of.”

Most importantly, Judith is paying a long lasting tribute to her best friend and soulmate, Paula.


If you plan to include Wellspring in your will, our legal name is: Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation. Our Charitable Registration Number: 89272 8940 RR0001

For more information on Wellspring’s Planned Giving Program, please contact Rebecca Babcock at 416-961-1928 or rebecca@wellspring.ca.