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Karen’s Story: A safe place to fall

Wellspring has genuinely been a lifeline for me! Initially, my oncologist told me, because my type of cancer was so rare, that Wellspring most likely wouldn’t have anything to offer to me. Yet, I found myself still intrigued by all that Wellspring offered.

“Then I became aware that their programs quickly evolved to become more extensive and more inclusive, and I soon found myself being reached out to in ways that were most exciting and unbelievable. Wellspring actually listened to me when I asked for what I wanted, and one day, I even found information about the type of cancer that I have in their library!

“The Oasis Advanced and Metastatic Cancer Support Group has, for many years now, not only offered me an educational platform, but an environment filled with recognizable and caring people, a sense of belonging, and a safe place to ‘fall’ when needed. It is nice to see familiar faces that always take your well-being to heart! Over the years, the exercise program also changed to safely incorporate those of us with a long-term cancer status because they recognized that our needs don’t disappear after a specific time!

“My cancer journey has been life-changing and exhilarating. Being able to be part of the Wellspring community over the years has now prompted me to train as a Peer Support Volunteer and a Chronic and Advanced Cancer Specialist as well. Both of these roles feel a perfect fit for me, as they relate closely with all that I have and continue to go through. Best of all, they make me feel needed and worthy by assisting others through the fear and loneliness that a cancer diagnosis (especially during COVID-19) leaves in its ugly wake. I have been blessed with the opportunity to financially support Wellspring, knowing that it is a non-profit charity that depends solely on the generosity of individuals and corporations. And I have encouraged others to do the same.

”I am truly grateful! Long may Wellspring reside!”

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