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Member Testimonials

“I really enjoy the programs at Wellspring. I would encourage others to try the Art Therapy and, my favourite, Reiki! The staff and volunteers are incredibly friendly and welcoming.” -Crystal

“Wellspring is a welcoming and cohesive group who support all cancer survivors and caregivers who seek them out. They provide a wide variety of programs that offer encouragement and comradery – two essentials when dealing with illness.” -Peg

“My experience at Wellspring has been truly amazing. Being diagnosed with breast cancer at 33 with 3 young children was very traumatic. However the programs at Wellspring have been my saving grace! I attend yoga twice a week, I have had Reiki treatments and attended a support group. I have met so many amazing people and have formed many friendships. No one wants to be a member of the “cancer club” but Wellspring offers a lot of resources and support. The library has a great variety of books for during treatment and coping after. Cancer is very isolating but Wellspring brings a sense of belonging and family. Thank you Wellspring!” -Cheri

“Wellspring offers a tranquil atmosphere full of supportive people. They are here for you if you want to open up but they will also respect your silence if you are not yet ready.” -Sarah

“I love the supportive nature of Wellspring – it feels safe. The programs have allowed me to feel strong during treatment and healthy after treatment. I would say “try it” – nobody judges you, and it’s free!” -Marie

“I have been amazed at the quality of your programs, your wonderful “beloved” staff and volunteers. You have helped me find “kindred spirits” who have offered their hands and their hearts to lift me up.” -Anonymous

“I would let my friends know what a wonderful resource Wellspring is. You have helped me with my emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. I am grateful for all that you do at Wellspring.” -Ann