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Online Programs

Well on the Web is an extension of the programs available in the Wellspring Centres across the country, enabling those who live far from a physical centres, or those not well enough to leave their homes, with access to Wellspring’s special brand of care and support.


Regardless of where you are in your cancer journey, Wellspring will help you select programs that are appropriate for you now, and for each step ahead.

Wellspring’s more than 20 different programs and services are designed to meet your specific needs. Some are designed to help when you’re not feeling well, or if you are dealing with difficult symptoms. Others are intended to help with cancer recovery and restoring your health and wellness. And there are many programs that provide you with the tools, resources and knowledge needed to help you make a transition back into the community and manage your own health on a long-term basis.

The Right Program at the Right Time

The following legend will help you assess the time and energy you will need for each program:

Drop in programDrop-In Programs: These programs do not require registration.

Registration or appointment requiredRegistration or Appointment Required: Please contact the centre to register or book an appointment for these programs.

Registration and home practice requiredRegistered Programs with Home Practice: A commitment to attend all session is required, as is a commitment to home practice.

You will also note that programs are available for both patients and caregivers; for patients only and for caregivers only.

Support Programs

Support programs provide you with a network
of peers to talk about your circumstances and concerns in a shared way, and in a caring setting.

You might think about joining a support program if you are feeling isolated, want a safe place to acknowledge difficult emotions, or want to meet others and learn how they are dealing with all of the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Programs for patients and caregivers:

Drop in program  Peer Support (individual meeting)

Registration or appointment required  Reiki or Therapeutic Touch

Programs for patients only:

Registration or appointment required  Ovarian Cancer Support Group; Patients Support Group; Survivors Support Group

Programs for caregivers only:

Registration or appointment required Bereavement Support Group; Caregivers Support Group

Coping Skills

Coping skills programs teach proven techniques that reduce feelings of stress, calm emotions, and help you feel more in control of your experience, and how you think and feel.

You might think about joining a coping skills program if you are feeling anxious, tense, stressed or are having trouble sleeping.

Programs for patients and caregivers:

Drop in program  Body Mind Meditation

Registration or appointment required  Tai Chi; Qi Gong; Yoga

Programs for patients only:

Registration or appointment required  Look Good Feel Better (a program of the Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association Foundation)


Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts programs offer creative ways of exploring the cancer experience. They provide opportunities to meet with peers for mutual support and conversation, while also gaining personal insight and perspective on the impact of cancer. No previous experience or artistic or musical abilities is required to participate.

You might think about joining an Expressive Arts program if you enjoy creative expression, and want to explore and gain insights into how cancer has impacted your life.

Programs for patients and caregivers:

Registration or appointment required  Drumming; Art Therapy


Workplace Programming

Most cancer patients who are working at the time of diagnosis take a leave of absence for some of their cancer journey. Whether still planning on a workplace return, or after the return has happened, Wellspring has programs to help patients achieve a successful and sustained work experience after cancer.

You might think about Wellspring’s Cancer and the Workplace programs if you are concerned about the impact of cancer on your career choices, your ability or desire to do your job, or if you may require accommodation in the workplace.

Programs for patients only:

Registration or appointment required  Return to Work (R2W)

Health Restoring

Health restoring programs have a rehab focus. They aim to help patients restore their health and recover from the various physical, cognitive (thinking) or lifestyle impacts of cancer.

You might think about a health restoring program if you are experiencing fatigue, physical and/or mobility limitations, “brain fog”, or want to improve lifestyle choices to achieve wellness and reduce the risk of cancer coming back.

Programs for patients and caregivers:

Registration or appointment required  Aquafit; Lebed Method;

Programs for patients only:

Registration or appointment required  Cancer Exercise

Please notes: Health recovery requires time and energy. Some members choose to take these programs after their treatment is over and they have more time and energy available, while others choose to participate during their treatment. It is never too early to enhance health, but time and energy to attend these programs are required to realize full benefit.

Members with metastatic illness may also find that these programs support their well-being.

Some coping skills programs, such as Yoga and Tai Chi are also health restoring. It is recommended that these programs also be considered by those seeking to repair unwanted effects from cancer or its treatment and achieve restoration of health and wellness.

Programs for Parents and Children

A diagnosis of cancer can create special concerns and needs for parents of young children. Wellspring offers special family-focused programs that provide support, information and coping skills to young children and their parents.

You might think about a program for parents and children if you have questions about how best to support your children, wish to learn about age-appropriate communication and coping strategies, or want to connect with other parents who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

When a parent has cancer:

Registration or appointment required  Children’s Healing HeART Therapy



Each phase of the cancer journey brings a different set of questions. Wellspring’s information programs provide credible, expert-led answers.

You might think about an information program if you have information needs pertaining to any aspect of your cancer experience.

Programs for patients and caregivers:

Drop in program  Lending Library / Resource Centre

Registration or appointment required  Professional Speaker Series


Over Time

We are delighted that you have chosen Wellspring to help you through your cancer journey.

Although we understand that cancer treatment or recovery can take some time, we hope that a day will come when you have regained your health and no longer require the programs and services that Wellspring offers. At that point, Wellspring has recommendations for long-term health and wellness programs available in your community. These programs can help you stay well and retain the recovery you achieved.

Or, when you are ready, you might also consider offering your wisdom and experience through one of Wellspring’s many volunteer roles, such as Peer Support Volunteer, Front Desk Volunteer, Community Outreach or Fundraising Volunteer. Each role helps Wellspring help others, and full training is provided.

Peer Support Volunteers are available to help you select the programs that will best meet your needs. In selecting programs, we suggest that you think about your particular needs, interests, time and energy.