The path through a cancer diagnosis
can be a dark one—but with your support,
we can make the journey brighter. Become
a Wellspring Luminary and help thousands
of Canadians living with cancer.
The path starts here.
Will you light it?
No one should ever have to
face the challenges of
their cancer journey without
a helping hand. As a Luminary,
you’ll enable Wellspring to
change the lives of more than
10,000 Canadians annually.
Enhanced technologies,
such as an improved platform
for online programming and a
streamlined website, will enable
Wellspring to expand into areas of
Canada (and beyond) where support
is not currently available.
Program research and
evaluation through the Centre
of Innovation will accelerate
cutting-edge advances in supportive
care, allowing Wellspring to continue
its role as the industry-leading expert
in cancer support, healthcare
education, and training.
The development,
refinement, and expansion of
our evidence-based programming
will further enhance Wellspring’s
exceptional services for thousands
of men, women, and children.
$2.5 million will light
the way for individuals and
families living with cancer
today—and in the future.
Luminary campaign donors are
recognized on the windows of a
Wellspring centre of their choice.
Become a beacon of hope—support the
Luminary campaign with your gift of $25,000.
Become a Wellspring
Luminary today
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