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Lynn Kinsman: A help to my whole family

Losing my husband to cancer was devastating for me and for our 5-year-old daughter, Arabella.
Being diagnosed with that same, rare form of cancer in 2021 felt catastrophic. I was in shock, worried about treatment, and about Arabella.

Wellspring pulled us through some of the darkest moments when my husband died, and it is getting us through this time too.

I first came to Wellspring when my husband, Aaron, was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Little Arabella was being shuttled from person to person while we dealt with cancer-related appointments. It was an extremely difficult time for us all. Wellspring gave us a place to catch our breath, to learn how to cope, to support Arabella through the children’s program, and to join other parents in learning and supporting one another.

Wellspring made a world of difference for our family. Sadly, Aaron died the next year. Despite our turmoil at that time, I donated to Wellspring to honour him, and to help keep the programs going for others.

As a single mother with stage four cancer, I worry about Arabella, and about what’s to come for us. I’m extremely fatigued and there are days when I have to pull myself out of bed to get over to Wellspring. But I come, and I feel better every time.

The Cancer Exercise program gives me strength and resilience, and the program leaders keep me going. I want you to know that your past support of Wellspring has helped so many people like me to access these programs when I needed them the most. Thank you for giving me and my family the opportunity to get the help we needed during such a critical time in our lives.

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