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Money Matters Impact Stories


Janice G., Wellspring Member:

“If it were not for the Money Matters case manager and Money Matters program at Wellspring, I don’t think i would have been as confident about the financial decisions I made. It has been a tremendous help knowing that Wellspring remains just a few clicks away. I now feel I am comfortable for the future and will not have to struggle to make ends meet. ”


Stefanie S. Wellspring Member:

A mother of two in her early forties, Stephanie was working part-time when she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. With a young family to support, and an exhausting treatment regimen that left her unable to work, Stefanie and her husband didn’t know how they would make ends meet. They turned to Wellspring for help.

A Wellspring Money Matters case manager met with Stefanie during a confidential, one-on-one assessment, and informed Stefanie about Canada Pension Plan disability benefits and then helped her to fast-track her application. Instead of waiting 4-6 months for an answer, Stefanie received benefits within a single month. Because she did not know she was also eligible for CPP Disability, the Money Matters Case Manager also helped Stefanie receive a retroactive payment amounting to one year’s worth of benefits because of the delay in applying. This significantly helped the family pay for child care for the two children while Stefanie continued with her treatments and surgeries.