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Well on the Web is an extension of the programs available in the Wellspring Centres across the country, enabling those who live far from a physical centres, or those not well enough to leave their homes, with access to Wellspring’s special brand of care and support.

Be Well Talks: Become the Watchman

A cancer patient or any person with a serious disease knows that their condition can weigh heavily on the mind. It is a constant flow of thought that you think about every day. What do you do with your thoughts? Your mind can take you to places you do not wish to go. You can rise above or fall below your thought. You are not your mind and you are not your thoughts. It is essential to learn how to watch and interpret your mind when it is taking you in an unhealthy direction. This workshop will teach you how to notice, adjust, challenge, and re-focus your thoughts to healthy thoughts.

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Registration or Appointment Required: This program requires a commitment to attend all sessions.

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Upcoming Dates:

  • Mon Apr 24, 2023: 10:30am EDT - 12:00pm EDT



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Patients, Caregivers, Volunteers, Family



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