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Well on the Web is an extension of the programs available in the Wellspring Centres across the country, enabling those who live far from a physical centres, or those not well enough to leave their homes, with access to Wellspring’s special brand of care and support.

Warrior You – Mental Self-Defense

As humans, society often dictates that we have to navigate the good, the bad, the exciting and the downright infuriatingly frustrating times with grace without showcasing our real emotions. It’s a myth that life is always golden, and quite often, we are told that if we work REALLY hard, we’ll live amazing lives where all things are sunshine and cupcakes like we so often see on social media. Nope. False. Negative. You can plan, shield yourself, and try to avoid the darkness all you want, but part of life is riding the waves and taking on those gloomy days when you’d swear the universe has conspired to royally piss you off.

As a past personal trainer, martial arts competitor and badass leader, I will teach you to use mental self-defence techniques and specific writing exercises to strike back against and release your negative thoughts and promote feelings of strength and worthiness.

Week 1: Who you were before
Understanding who you were before your life change and who you are now.

Week 2: Your feelings matter
Exploring and naming the feelings you’re encountering while accepting and honouring that all feelings are valid!

Week 3: Releasing your emotions
Burning ceremony and letting your emotions go.

Week 4: Choosing the path (where you want to go)
Explore the possibilities that are in front of you and realistically allow yourself to dream and strive for YOUR personal happiness.

Week 5: Creating the plan
Plan out how to achieve your happiness and identify the support you need.

Week 6:  Setting yourself up for success
Celebrate your wins, and navigate the world with a clear lens.

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Registration or Appointment Required: This program requires a commitment to attend all sessions.

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  • Wed Jan 18, 2023: 1:30pm EST - 3:00pm EST
  • Wed Feb 1, 2023: 1:30pm EST - 3:00pm EST
  • Wed Feb 8, 2023: 1:30pm EST - 3:00pm EST
  • Wed Feb 15, 2023: 1:30pm EST - 3:00pm EST
  • Wed Feb 22, 2023: 1:30pm EST - 3:00pm EST
  • Tue Feb 28, 2023: 1:30pm EST - 3:00pm EST


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