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Play Therapy Children and Young Adults

Big emotions can be very difficult for children to understand, if small emotions are still being processed. Talking about emotions can be tricky if they aren’t clear. Through the use of Play Therapy methods in individual and group settings, Liz will assess and help children process big emotions who are withdrawn, depressed, fearful, shy, acting out, angry or displaying other difficult behaviors in response to a parent or loved one’s cancer diagnosis. A Child’s behavior can easily cause stress within the family system, which is tough to repair on your own. Through parent counseling and/or attachment therapy, Liz can help repair emotional and behavioral difficulties by re-developing a trusting and healthy relationship between parents and children. She is qualified to offer playful interaction, emotionally focused therapies for children and families dealing with the difficulties of a cancer diagnosis. * These sessions are booked by appointment, please contact the Program Coordinator at 905-684-7619 *

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