Online Programs

Well on the Web is an extension of the programs available in the Wellspring Centres across the country, enabling those who live far from a physical centres, or those not well enough to leave their homes, with access to Wellspring’s special brand of care and support.

Your Gift is a Beacon of Hope

I convinced myself that cancer was only going to be a short story in my life,” said Kelly, who is now living with advanced cancer. “I was going to get over it, and then forget about it. But I realized that the ‘me’ I knew wasn’t there anymore. I couldn’t think properly. I was crying all the time.

Kelly participated in a variety of Wellspring programs and soon noticed that gratitude and hope had begun making cracks in the dark places of her life.

Elizabeth admitted being scared, confused and lonely. “Every day felt like I was swimming through a dark tunnel filled with molasses.  I was confused, scared, and lonely. I was a mess.”

Elizabeth spoke with a counsellor at Wellspring and began attending programs. Over time, she began to feel better, both physically and mentally, as the Wellspring programs provided her with the critical tools for dealing with pain, fear and isolation.

“I’d been on a downward spiral,” said Beth following her diagnosis. “Darkness took over everything.

Beth attended Wellspring, and soon began to see the light in her life again. “Wellspring opened me up again. It’s gentle and tender embrace of compassion soothed me, so I was able to find some peace and comfort at a time when I was feeling highly unconfident.”

Cancer doesn’t stop for the Holidays. It continues its relentless reign of fear, loneliness and pain, no matter the season. But you can make a difference. Your donations to Wellspring ensure that professionally-led programs, proven to improve the lives of those living with cancer, are able to continue.

When COVID-19 occurred, Wellspring was forced to close its doors and all revenue-generating events were cancelled. For those with cancer, the situation was urgent and potentially disastrous. How would those who rely on Wellspring access the support programs that had become so critical in helping them overcome their cancer challenges?

Donations proved to be the beacon of light and hope that cancer patients needed more than ever before. Your support of Wellspring enabled the almost immediate transition of all supportive care programs to an online environment so that thousands of Canadians with cancer and their loved ones were able to access the help they needed when they needed it.

Look at all that can be accomplished through a donation! Your ongoing support will ensure that Wellspring is able to continue to serve the rapidly growing number of cancer patients that are looking for help during these challenging and isolating times.  

You emit light through your gifts. Please make a holiday gift to Wellspring today. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and will be remembered.