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Online Programs

Well on the Web is an extension of the programs available in the Wellspring Centres across the country, enabling those who live far from a physical centres, or those not well enough to leave their homes, with access to Wellspring’s special brand of care and support.

Online Programs

Welcome to Wellspring’s Online Programs. These live, informational webinars are available for you to access from the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home. During each online program, you will have the ability to interact with professional leader, and ask questions as they arise.

Back at Work : Moving Beyond Cancer and Letting Go

To register for the upcoming sessions of Back at Work: Moving Beyond Cancer, please click here.

This program is specifically for those who have already made the transition back into the workforce following an extended leave of absence due to cancer and who are having trouble letting cancer go from their lives. This six-week program will help you move beyond your cancer if you are feeling stuck. It will help you identify how your cancer journey may be impacting our work life and will offer helpful strategies to reduce your focus on cancer.

Back at Work : Managing Stress at Work

To register for the upcoming sessions of Back at Work: Managing Stress, please click here.

It is well known that stress can influence our health and ability to cope. Being back at work following cancer can be an equally stressful time, impacting our ability to perform well and to deal effectively with workplace demands and conflicts. This six-week program is for those  who have already made the transition back into the workforce following an extended leave of absence due to cancer and who are looking for strategies for managing stress at work.

Brain Fog

To register for the next sessions of Brain Fog, please click here.

Chemotherapy often impacts one’s ability to think clearly, to remember, to multi-task or to solve problems. These changes are commonly referred to as ‘chemo-brain’, but at Wellspring, we call it Brain Fog. This eight-week educational program, under the direction of an experienced professional leader, teaches you ways to address and improve your cognitive functioning following treatment for cancer. Brain Fog is a program of Maximum Capacity, Inc.

Money Matters

If you have questions about money or your personal finances related to having cancer, Wellspring can help. The Money Matters program will help you to overcome your financial worries by providing you with a better understanding of income replacement programs and options, with drug reimbursement options, and much more. In these private, personal sessions, (either online, via telephone or in person) with a Money Matters Case Manager, you will receive the information you need to help you navigate your way through the financial worries of cancer.

To book your private, confidential session with a Money Matters Case Manager, please complete this quick form. Please Note: This program is only available to residents of Ontario living with cancer. Money Matters is available in person at Wellspring Calgary.

Pancreatic Cancer Peer Support

To request an appointment with a Pancreatic Cancer Peer Support volunteer, please click here to complete a quick form.

If you are living with, or caring for, someone with pancreatic cancer, you can receive immediate support  from a Wellspring Pancreatic Cancer Peer Support volunteer. Our volunteers have been highly trained in providing specific emotional and coping support for persons diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, their caregivers or family members. The private sessions take place by way of telephone or face-to-face video conferencing. Our Pancreatic Cancer Peer Support Volunteers can also arrange for you to access a professional counselor if needed (see below), or other supportive care programs that might be of benefit to you.

Pancreatic Cancer Short Term Counselling

To book an appointment for short-term counselling due to pancreatic cancer, please click here.

Short-Term Counselling provides you with timely access to a professional in order to discuss the serious personal issues that arise due to a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.


Returning to Work

To register for the upcoming sessions of Returning to Work, please click here.

If you are preparing to return to work, this program is for you.  Cancer patients often have many, special concerns when considering a return to the work after cancer. This six-week educational and support program will help you achieve a successful and sustained return to work following cancer, through discussions about readiness to return, accommodations by your employer, and how treatments may impact your job performance.



Be Well Talks

Wellspring’s Be Well Talks speaker series provides you with access to a wide range of local experts presenting on topics related to the experience of cancer.  Each Be Well Talks event includes a presentation and opportunity for members to ask questions of the guest expert.


Cancer Transition Coach – Wellness Beyond Treatment

The new Cancer Transition Coach program is for cancer patients who are 3-12 months post-treatment. This program has been designed to help patients successfully transition away from active treatment by addressing individual needs and concerns and providing the patient with personalized plans, useful information, resources and community-based program to help with those needs.


Healing Journey, Level 1

The Healing Journey is for people who want to learn how to help themselves when they have cancer. It is a practical course, providing simple but proven psychological and spiritual tools which promote inner harmony, peace and healing, methods that can help any of us become a “healed person”.


Nourish Online

Nutrition is important at any stage of the cancer journey. Wellspring’s Nourish program provides information on cancer and nutrition using latest research to teach the fundamentals of good nutritional practices for cancer patients.