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Outreach Initiatives

We have recently launched the following new initiatives that involve direct communication with health care professionals in the community:

Adopt a Physician/Adopt a Congregation

Staff, volunteers, members are encouraged to sign up to ‘adopt their family physician and/or their congregation to help spread the word about Wellspring. Each centre is provided with a supply of brochure packages that the Wellspring community is welcome to take to their family physician and or congregation.  This provides both a credible and enthusiastic introduction to Wellspring throughout a wide a range of communities.

Each centre has been provided with a number of brochure packages that the Wellspring community is encouraged to share with their family physician and/or congregation. This provides a credible and enthusiastic introduction to Wellspring throughout a wider range of communities.

Adopt a Physician Package , Adopt a Congregation PackageGet Involved Poster

Professional Speaker Series Promotion

Our Centre Managers issue the following posters to their contacts within the health care community on a monthly basis. The posters explain opportunities for their constituents to attend Professional Speaker presentations at Wellspring.

Sample Speaker Series poster