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Ribbons of Hope Celebrates 11 Years of Supporting Wellspring

Show your appreciation by voting for them in the Post Canada ‘Search for Goodness’ campaign


For the past 11 years the team at Ribbons of Hope has organized a charity golf tournament to support Wellspring Westerkirk House, raising more than $250,000 in the process. Now they’ve been nominated in the Post Canada ‘Search for Goodness’ competition, which gives them the opportunity to raise an additional $10,000 for Wellspring.

Ribbons of Hope was founded by a group of close friends who were spurred to action by the desire to help those who were coping with a cancer diagnosis. “Cancer was something that touched all of our lives to some degree, as it does with so many people,” says committee member Jason Waud. “We wanted to do something about it.”

This year’s tournament, which will be held September 10th at the Richmond Hill Golf Club marks the tenth year that funds raised by the tournament will be going solely to Wellspring. “We like that Wellspring keeps administrative costs so low,” says Jason. “It means that the money we raise goes directly to helping people.”

In 2010, Ribbons of Hope suffered a huge loss when co-founder Connie Fitzpatrick passed away from breast cancer. This only reinforced the group’s desire to channel their grief and frustration into something positive for the community.  “Connie and her family spent a lot of time at Wellspring,” says Jason. “We know that without Wellspring, coping with a cancer diagnosis would be a lot harder. Wellspring is a place of caring and hope for people who are going through this terrible disease.”

That same year, Wellspring recognized the group’s incredible contribution by naming the “Ribbons of Hope Peer Support Room” at the newly expanded Wellspring Westerkirk House.

For his part, Jason remains modest about the level of commitment and hard work needed to organize and keep an annual fundraising event going strong eleven years running. “It’s part of what we do; it’s who we are. This is a passion project so it doesn’t even feel like work,” says Jason.

“Raising money for Wellspring is a good thing to do. It’s the right thing to do. Wellspring helps a lot of people and if we can do our part to help with the effort then that’s what we’re going to do.”

Wellspring would like to recognize the Ribbons of Hope committee members:
Jason Waud
Tara Conway
Deanna Olivares Klein
Stephanie Lopez
Diana Brown
Christine Walsh
Adam Bernadini
Catherine Stem
Ann Jiwan Innis
Sonia Merrimen

To vote for Ribbons of Hope in the Post Canada Search for Goodness, visit
searchforgoodness.com. Make sure you select ‘Team Name’ and search ‘Ribbons of Hope.’ Voting ends July 31st

Tickets for the 11th Annual Ribbons of Hope Golf Tournament are available at ribbonsofhope.ca.

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