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The Right Program to Meet Your Needs

Wellspring offers a wide range of programs, each led by a professional in their field of expertise. All programs have been specifically researched, developed, tested and proven, to help you, your caregiver and your family members overcome the challenges that are often associated with a cancer diagnosis.

Emotional Support Programs are easily accessible as drop in programs for those newly diagnosed who may be unwell or time-restrained. They provide a safe, confidential place to meet to help reduce isolation, and to  share personal feelings and concerns with others in similar situations.

Physical/Functional Programs are health-restoring, movement based programs that have a focus on symptom relief, rehabilitation and recovery from various physical, cognitive and lifestyle impacts of cancer.

Financial and Workplace Programs help with financial and drug costs, for those who have taken a leave of absence from work, and for those looking for ways to successfully transition back to work when treatment is completed.

Educational Programs, such as the BE WELL Talks speaker series, provide you with information about cancer, and provide access to professional speakers on a wide range of cancer-related topics.  The Nourish Educational Series helps those looking for ways to reduce the side-effects of treatment that make eating and weight management difficult.

Wellspring also provides programs for those with distinctive needs, such as for families where either the parent(s) or the child has cancer, as well as programs for people who are living with chronic, advanced and metastatic illness.

Find a Wellspring Centre near you, and take a look at the wide range of programs available at each centre to help, all at no charge.