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Wellspring’s Program Evaluation Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Wellspring sends surveys to members to ask for their feedback about their experience at Wellspring or in programs at Wellspring. The feedback that members provide helps Wellspring to ensure program quality and identify ways of improving programs.

Wellspring’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy:
Wellspring will keep the responses and feedback that you provide when completing Wellspring’s program evaluation surveys confidential. When reporting on the responses to surveys, Wellspring will pool any information or feedback that you provide with the information of other respondents. We do not rent, sell or trade membership information or feedback.

Survey Monkey, the web based software company being used to collect this evaluation, is located in the U.S.  This company is subject to U.S. laws and in particular, the Patriot Act, which allows the U.S. government to access the records of internet service providers.  It is possible that the views and opinions you express may be accessed and linked to you without your knowledge or consent. In an effort to protect anonymity, no personal identifiers will be collected in the survey and, during the design of the survey, the option to collect your computer IP address has been disabled. The security and privacy policy for Survey Monkey can be found at the following link: Survey Monkey Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy and confidentiality of your information, please contact Sina Kajbaf, Manager, Program Data and Evaluation or 416 480-4440, extension 251.