Healing Journey

Healing Journey

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Healing Journey is a program for those who worry about their cancer, its treatments and follow-up care. It is an ideal place to start for those who feel alone and wish to learn how to cope better with their illness. There is no charge to attend.


Level 1: Narrated by Claire Edmonds

Level 2: Narrated by Claire Edmonds

History of Healing Journey and Archives

Level 1: Narrated by Alastair Cunningham

Alastair Cunningham

Dr. Alastair Cunningham is the founder of the Healing Journey.  Alastair’s wealth of knowledge reflects his background having earned two Ph.D.s, one in microbiology and another in psychology. He is also a cancer survivor. He knows from his own experience, and from talking to thousands of people with cancer, just how frightening and stressful the disease can be, both for them and for family members. Alastair and his team of clinical researchers have worked since 1982 to develop and research the Healing Journey program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto Canada. It is the lifelong culmination of Alastair’s compassion and dedication to the needs of people coping with cancer.

Alastair is recognized internationally as a pioneer and world leader in psycho-oncology.  In 2003, Alastair received the Order of Canada in recognition of his contribution to cancer supportive care, and was the recipient in 2007 of the Dr. Rogers’ Prize for Excellence in Comprehensive and Alternative Medicine.

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