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If you have cancer, you need Wellspring

At Wellspring, you will find a range of specialized programs designed to provide connection and belonging; ease pain, fatigue and distress; build strength and mobility; and support financial and workplace challenges.

Wellspring programs are available across Canada online, and through locations in Ontario and Alberta, all at no charge, and without referral.

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If you or a loved one is living with cancer, Wellspring is here to help. We can help you overcome the emotional, physical and practical challenges you may be experiencing.

Wellspring provides programs online and in-person at centres across Canada.

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Wellspring's Virtual Centre for Cancer Support

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Here you will find our online programs and resources, allowing you to participate from the comfort and safety of your own home, or wherever you feel most comfortable.

I’m so incredibly grateful for how things have turned out for me, and for all the support I’ve received from Wellspring. Helping others through such a challenging time is how I show my gratitude.

John Nyholt
Wellspring Volunteer
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These programs were like a lifeline for me. Through the Oasis support group, I learnt that I’m not alone and I got some ‘normalcy’ back into my life. When I started Cancer Exercise, I was hunched over and walking with a cane. About a month into the program, I let go of my cane, which was a huge achievement. It’s now almost a year I can actually walk standing up straight and I have less pain.

Rupinder Sian
Wellspring Member
Rupi Sian (2)

Losing my husband to cancer was devastating for me and for our daughter. Being diagnosed with that same, rare form of cancer years later felt catastrophic. Wellspring pulled us through some of the darkest moments when my husband died, and it is getting us through this time too.

Lynn Kinsman
Wellspring Member
Lynn4 (2)

When I was first diagnosed, I thought I’ll just deal with this cancer and then when things get back to normal, I’ll go back to work. I had no idea how hard it would hit me when that didn’t happen – when there was no normal to return to. Wellspring helped me turn my life around. Right away I got the sense that I’m not alone. After cancer, your life is changed forever, but now I was around others who knew what it felt like and that helped.

Andrew Del Frari
Wellspring Member
Andrew Del Frari AB (2)

Even in the worst journey in your life you have to find the best part, and for me the best part of having cancer is Wellspring. There are many aspects – not just one … At Wellspring you don’t feel alone, you feel connected to others. There are many people going through cancer, for some it is much harder or worse, but you learn from everyone, how they cope – what they do. The other thing about Wellspring is, it gives you purpose.


Sarbjit Jawandha
Wellspring Member
Sarbjit Jawandha AB (2)

When I first walked through the doors and got that beautiful welcome, for me it felt like a warm blanket. From that moment on, it was nothing short of wonderful. Every program I took, every instructor, was exceptional. I don’t know how they do it, but Wellspring facilitators are the crème de la crème. I received so many benefits from Wellspring, now I wanted to volunteer and help others who could use what Wellspring has to offer.

Ann Dowling
Wellspring Member & Volunteer
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