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Programs are free of-charge
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If you have cancer, you have Wellspring Niagara

At Wellspring Niagara, you will find a range of specialized programs, free of charge, that are designed to provide connection and belonging, ease pain, fatigue, and distress, build strength and mobility, and support financial and workplace challenges.

Wellspring Niagara programs are available in person at our centre located at 50 Wellspring Way in Fonthill or online through centres across the Wellspring network, all at no charge and without referral. 

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If you or a loved one is living with cancer, Wellspring Niagara is here to help. We can help you overcome the emotional, physical and practical challenges you may be experiencing.

Coming here, it was like night and day for me. I came here with cane, bent over. When I did the exercise, in no time I got rid of my cane. I could walk upright.

Beth Winterbottom
Wellspring Member
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Wellspring Niagara affected my life in a positive way. They gave me everything. They care about me. Nowadays, I don’t feel alone.

Claudia Otero
Wellspring Member
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Like it’s specifically designed to you and to what you’re able to do. That allowed me to feel like I could still do normal things and still be that strong person doing those things.

Allison DiGirolamo
Wellspring Member
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