Meet Six of Our Youngest Supporters!

March 25, 2024

Grade 8 Students from St. Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School, Brampton, Make a Big Impact for Wellspring Chinguacousy

Grade 8 Students

Top Row – Left to Right: Mariah, Nicole O, Kamea, Eva  Bottom Row – Left to Right: Jasmine, and Nicole T

A group of Grade 8 students from St. Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School in Brampton has shown their incredible spirit by joining hands for a noble cause. These remarkable young individuals recently participated in their school’s Advent Fundraiser, dedicating their efforts to support Wellspring Chinguacousy Cancer Support Centre.

Their decision to rally behind Wellspring Chinguacousy was deeply personal, with one of the students having experienced the loss of her mother to cancer earlier in the school year. Fueled by their desire to offer aid and comfort to those facing similar battles, the students wholeheartedly embraced the cause.

According to Lynn Gallant, a Grade 8 Teacher at St. Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School, Brampton, the students’ choice to support Wellspring Chinguacousy reflects their genuine compassion and empathy. “Wellspring Chinguacousy was chosen as the charity to support… They really wanted to support a cause related to helping others who are fighting that illness,” she noted.

Mariah, Nicole O, Kamea, Eva, Jasmine, and Nicole T, the six students who led this initiative, deserve special recognition for their incredible dedication and generosity. Their combined efforts have made a significant impact on their community, shining a light of hope and resilience.

Their actions are a clear reminder that young people hold the power to make a difference.  Their kindness and determination show just how crucial community support is in the battle against cancer.

Wellspring Chinguacousy Cancer Support Centre extends its heartfelt appreciation to Mariah, Nicole O, Kamea, Eva, Jasmine, and Nicole T for their outstanding contributions. Their unwavering commitment to making a difference exemplifies the spirit of compassion that we cherish at Wellspring Chinguacousy.

As we continue our mission to provide support and assistance to those affected by cancer, we are inspired by the initiative and enthusiasm shown by these exceptional young individuals. Their dedication serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us all that together, we can make a difference in the lives of others.





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