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Healing Journey Level 6

image1-813x1024This advanced course, led by Dr. Alastair Cunningham, is hosted by Wellspring at our Westerkirk House centre. The program is designed for graduates of Healing Journey Level 3 or above who want to explore, in more depth, the potential of their own minds to assist in healing.  The course uses a manual describing a series of weekly topics to guide the work, and assignments for home study are suggested most weeks.

Leaders: Dr. Alastair Cunningham, assisted by HJ veterans.

Time, place and eligibility: Thursday mornings, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  at Wellspring Westerkirk House.  Open to anyone who has completed levels 1-3 of the Healing Journey: (it may be an advantage to have done levels 4 and 5, but this is not essential).

The workbook for Healing Journey Level 6 (entitled “Healing by Expanding the Sense of Self”) can be downloaded from the Wellspring website.  Under the new title: “Healing Through the Mind”, we will conduct two consecutive 12-session series,  adventurously entitled “Part A” and “Part B”.  You can enroll for both, or just for A with the option of continuing if you so decide.

Part A, “Managing the Ego Mind”, will contain much of the basic material in the first half of the previous course: monitoring thoughts, quietening the mind, the “ego triangle”, beliefs about self and about disease, examining motivation and reasons for living, and addressing the “interface” between the ego mind and the deeper levels (Inner Self).  We plan to change the format slightly from the current workbook, to alternate discussion in small and large groups, to restrict “essential” weekly homework (“life skills practice”) to one major exercise, with other options for veterans and keen self-healers.  Members will pair up with a rotating list of “buddies” to discuss their home experiences during the week, then interact with a group of 6-8 at the following session.

Part B, “Exploring the Potentials of the Deeper Mind”, will address some more esoteric ideas – but with a clear focus on the practical – examining what we can learn from these writings and exercises to help us manage our lives and oppose the cancer.  The planning for this part is less advanced as yet, and the content may be modified depending on the needs and wishes of the people who enroll.  We will discuss an expanded model of the Self, the primacy of consciousness and how it gives rise to form, possible reasons for illness and additional routes to healing, alternate life paths, the possibility of life after death and of multiple existences, and the convergence of traditional spiritual paths and the ideas of Seth, ACIM and other spiritual texts.

All workbooks and other materials for the Healing Journey can be downloaded free of charge .

web-icon-email-50x50To register, please call the centre at  416-480-4440 or email Dr. Cunningham,   macunningham@rogers.com


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