Our Learnings

Our Learnings

Program Quality

In every way possible, Wellspring Cancer Support strives to maximize its impact to support people and families living with cancer across Canada. Our programs and services are supported from, created by and informed by those living a cancer experience. 

Several processes are undertaken in support of program quality.

BMO Centre of Innovation

The BMO Centre of Innovation is Wellspring’s way of realizing its commitment to those who seek support. Programs are created based on current research, with defined goals, expert leadership and high quality outcomes.

The BMO Centre of Innovation is proudly supported by BMO Financial Group.

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Program Development and Testing

The engine of the BMO Centre of Innovation is a rigorous process of development and testing that seeks input from experts in their fields, new knowledge from the psychosocial literature and, most importantly, patients and their family members who participate in programs at Wellspring. 

All new programs are subject to a full and rigorous development and ongoing development process. 

Program development


Some of the specially developed programs that have come from the BMO Centre of Innovation include:

Quality Assurance

Wellspring’s program model includes quality assurance features such as: 

Minimum credentials of leaders
Ongoing evaluation 
Required training for new leaders 
Reference and police checks 
Where applicable, credentials and areas of expertise from guest experts 

Our Approach

Quality assurance includes continued evaluation and learnings across the Wellspring network.

System Performance Review

Wellspring is a network of organizations across Canada. As part of the network, all affiliate organizations are subject to regular and rigorous external evaluation by Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation.
The SPR is a comprehensive evaluation to assess the strength of a Wellspring organization. From these findings, we can identify ways of improving the organization’s strategies to maximize mission impact, system efficiencies, reach, growth, and long-term sustainability.
The primary goal of the SPR is to create and support a shared learning process that strengthens the inner workings of individual Wellspring organizations and the Wellspring network as a whole.

Annual Mission Surveys

In addition to the SPR, all Wellspring organizations participate in an annual Mission Survey. This survey is sent to all Wellspring members and asks a range of questions, from service quality to broader quality of life measures.

Results from our most recent Mission Survey can be found under Our Impact.


Beyond regular evaluation efforts, Wellspring welcomes the opportunity to gain further insight about the efficacy of all we do.
Research protocols complement Wellspring’s standard data collection. This helps us gain new knowledge that deepens our understanding of supportive care needs or program outcomes.
Research projects can be constructed by Wellspring for its own purposes, or conducted in collaboration with a credible academic or institutional research organization.

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